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Applications to date for ABN’s Technologies in
Animal Vaccines and Human Probiotics include:
  • In 2009, Centrovet Laboratories, a pharmaceutical and veterinary laboratory in Santiago, Chile, obtained a registration for a freeze-dried, oral-powder vaccine to aid in the prevention of Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome(SRS) in Chilean salmonid species. The vaccine is delivered in salmon feed by means of ABN’s patented delivery systems.  SRS is considered one of the most important disease problems in the Chilean salmon farming industry, with economic losses of more than US$100 million in some years. The new oral vaccine produces effective control of this virulent pathogen. The innovative oral vaccine product was developed by Centrovet, working closely with ABN. The oral vaccine takes advantage of ABN’s patented delivery systems, allowing commercial Chilean fish farmers to deliver the antigen in effective and efficient new ways to induce an effective immune response in salmonid species.
  • ABN’s 2012 collaboration with Centrovet succeeded in the development of an embedding technology that converted both an injectable bacterin and viral vaccines for salmon and trout into an orally delivered vaccine and booster. This new oral vaccine enabled the company to more effectively and efficiently reduce the occurrence of Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome (SRS) and ISAV in the salmon industry in Chile.
  • As a result, ABN and Centrovet Laboratories in Santiago, Chile, have signed an agreement to expand the delivery of additional oral vaccines to aid in the prevention of SRS, ISA, IPN and and other diseases in salmonoid species in the Chilean market.
  • ABN is working in alliance with Chr. Hansen A/S, a worldwide leader in the manufacture and marketing of probiotics headquartered in Copenhagen. The technology agreement focuses on adapting ABN’s patented technologies to stabilize probiotics in defined applications, and, as research shows, may be beneficial in a wide variety of intestinal disorders.
ABN is currently looking at adaptations of its technology that will lead to increased crop productivity and better management of invasive species.

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