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Patents Related to ABN’s Delivery Systems

ABN continues to evolve its Research and Development efforts to develop additional competencies based on our unique delivery technologies. ABN has an extensive portfolio of over 20 patent families of globally issued and pending licensable patents and applications protecting the technologies for ABN.

  • The ABN human probiotic stabilizing technologies are backed by a series of over ten global patent families covering proprietary compositions, manufacturing procedures, and methods of using in the human probiotic field.
  • ABN technologies for use in crop protection and crop enhancement, particularly for use in seed treatments, are unique, and patent protection coving this utility has been applied for.
  • Additional ABN stabilizing technologies for a variety of bioactives, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes are covered by other globally issued and pending patents.

Licensing/Acquisition Opportunities

ABN is offering attractive licensing and/or acquisition opportunities. Please contact us to discuss ABN’s patents and patent applications related to the use of ABN proprietary technologies for delivery of bioactive substances in human probiotics, pharmaceuticals, crop protection products, seed treatments, human food safety, and other areas.

Contact ABN for details related to patents, licensing, and acquisition opportunities.

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