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Patents and Licensing/Acquisition Opportunities: DHA and ARA in Aquaculture

Patents Related to ABN’s Delivery Systems
ABN continues to evolve its Research and Development efforts to develop additional competencies based on our unique delivery technologies. 
  • The unique oral fish vaccine delivery system is backed by issued US Patent No. 7,998,502 “Encapsulated Vaccines for the Oral Vaccination and Boostering of Fish and Other Animals”, International Publication No. WO 2010/111565  “Microparticulated Vaccines for the Oral or Nasal Vaccination and Boostering of Animals Including Fish”, and other pending applications.
  • The probiotic stabilizing technologies are backed by US Patent No. 8,097,245 “A Delivery Vehicle for Probiotic Bacteria Comprising Dry Matrix of Polysaccharides, Saccharides and Polyols in a Glass Form and Methods of Making Same”; International Publication No. WO 2008/076975 “A Dry Food Product Containing Live Probiotic”; International Publication No. WO 2010/138522 “Stable Dry Powder Composition Comprising Biologically Active Microorganisms and/or Bioactive Materials and Methods of Making”; International Publication No. WO 2011/094469 “Dry Glassy Composition Comprising a Bioactive Material”; and other pending applications.
  • Additional Stabilizing technologies for a variety of bioactives, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes are contained in International Publication No. WO 2010/111347 “Microencapsulation of Bioactive Substances and Methods of Making the Same”. 
Licensing/Acquisition Opportunities
 ABN is offering attractive licensing and/or acquisition opportunities. Please contact us to discuss ABN’s patents and patent applications related to the use of DHA and ARA in aquaculture, an industry that will continue to grow and be a viable source of feed and food products. 
Contact ABN for details related to patents, licensing, and acquisition opportunities.

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